Sunday, August 19, 2007

The court order, ban, fatwa, whatever

What I simply don't understand is why nobody knows why this court decision is made. Looks fair to me that when a court makes a decision, it issues also a statement why the decision is made...or am I wrong? Now leaving so many people in limbo, it also creates space for speculations, conspiracy theories and gossip. I think that after 5 years, I still have a lot to learn about how Turkey is ruled, but this court issued rather a fatwa than a decision...


metin said...

Great analogy. But maybe it's the 'Islamist' party, and not the so-called 'secular protectionists' who are going to be bringing reforms to Turkey. Only if the Turkish people are ready to digest though. And so far, the Turks are a little confused. Hope they remove their blindfolds and listen with their ears, and act with their heart, and not with their egos.

One fatwa deserves another.

Hans said...

As far as I see comments (especially on the Istabulian) I strongly believe that the reformists of the AKP will do a lot more in the good of Turkey than the 'stalinist protectionist' aka CHP...still a member of the Socialist Int. A Shame!
I rely on the Turks I know, they want to settle all the problems for once and always.
Still HOT in Istanbul.
Btw: have an idea, can I call you?
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