Friday, August 10, 2007

My first trip to Mexico - 1

More than 20 years ago, when I was in my early 'twenties', I took a break and went to family in Southern California, more precisely Mission Viejo and Irvine. I planned to study at one of the most prestigious departments for Movies/Drama at UCI, where I was accepted as one of the 2 places for a person from the Netherlands.
After 2 weeks of talking around, and having fun with my cousins, I decided to make a trip to Mexico DF. Capital of Mexico. But my family told me not to go there! Too dangerous and a long trip.
Yes, by bus it was a long trip; almost 2 1/2 day non-stop. And two drivers who changed every 6 hours. With a 15 minute break each time. And they didn't count the passengers while leaving, so be aware to be on time. So, against the 'will' of my family, I booked a ticked. My trip started south of LA,
Laguna Beach.

I took the Greyhound, and as the travel agency told me, it would take me all the way to Mexico City. 2.700 km. But in Tijuana they changed the bus. And now I was stuck in a bus of 'the Tree stars of Gold' by a Mexican bus company. Not very comfortable. But I took precautions: bought a bottle of Vodka! To get me sleepy, sitting around the night! No way that you could pull the chairs down!
A Mexican guy next to me suggested to mix it with some orange juice, but getting some straight shots of vodka in my veins helped me through the first night.
When we departed from Tijuana (see picture above) to Mazatlan (see picture below) -and no, I didn't go to the beach - I was not aware what was waiting for me.

The way from Mazatlan to Guadalajara was better. No bubs and no screaming from people who were in another bus which took off before us: they crashed and found their way in and along the road, or into a ravine.

This is a picture of Guadalajara. Not how it was but how it is now: modern.
When I was there for the first time, everywhere there were the pictures and flags of the
PRI, which you can compare with the CHP in Turkey. A party which caused stagnation in Mexico, as the CHP did in Turkey.
But Mexico went under a transformation like Turkey is going now: and for your information; Monterrey in Mexico is seen as the most developed city of Latin America.

The PRI as the CHP, kept the poor people under their thumb.

One year before this trip to Mexico I made a trip to Greece, Egypt and Sudan.
It has been told that the 'flat' pyramids in Mexico are built with the same Pyramid-shaped structures which are built by many ancient civilizations like The Egyptians.
When I crawled through the Great Pyramid in Gizeh, Cairo, I sensed different feeling when seeing these ones. Btw, I have old slides available about Gizeh, but my camera was stolen in Mexico. That's why I use pictures from Internet.

Talking about Mexico DF, Mexico City, after Tokyo, Sao Paolo and NYC the largest city in the world, will take some more postings. And my way to
Huehuetenango in Guatamala and back to the USA even be continued...


Sean Jeating said...

More than 20 years ago, Hans?
Perhaps even 1985? And what month? Would be funny, if there's a kind of coincidence . . .

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

1983, november, the day of the death..))

Sean Jeating said...

I see. It kept you young.
My story would start:
More than 20 years ago, when I was in my early 'thirties'.
Three months Ireland!

Still, I can create an coincidence: At the Giant's Causeway a young bloke with rucksack desperately asked for a hike. Afterwards we travelled one week together. He was / is ... a Mexican from Guadalajara. :)

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

i was exactly 20 years when i made this trip..))

Sean Jeating said...

Thanks for adding, Hans.
Replying here, as there is something I should like to tell "off the records". :-)
Is your e-mail address dewithco at ?

Hans said...