Friday, August 17, 2007

Access to Wordpress blogs suspended from I-net in Turkey

Looks like access to all the blogs of wordpress worldwide are suspended in Turkey. Get all the time the following screen shot:

Bu siteye erişim mahkeme kararıyla engellenmiştir.

T.C. Fatih 2.Asliye Hukuk Mahkemesi 2007/195 Nolu Kararı gereği bu siteye erişim engellenmiştir.

Access to this site has been suspended in accordance with decision no: 2007/195 of T.C. Fatih 2.Civil Court of First Instance.


Admirim said...

Sorry for very late reply. I didn't write about Erasmus, but I linked to a comparative religion site named "Erasmus".


Hans said...

This is off topic...