Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Turkey for sale? Turkey submissive?

Sorry to say, but I see more and more comments in the Turkish press and on blogs that the AK government is submissive to the EU...
To help everybody out this fable: Turkey is the only country since the establishment of the EEG (former name of the EU) which tries over and over again to change the criteria of a club they want to be a member of...the Copenhagen Criteria, Treaty of Maastricht, Treaty of Nice...and even the CA, the 'constitution' of the EU..

And then, you have these people who are saying that this government is selling this country out, while Turkey has the most restricted rules of the greater European area regarding foreign investments and buying property.
And did Turkey not confiscate property of 'their' foreigners over the last 100 years?


super hero said...

yep, turkey is submissive. espcially this government is, but this doesnt make the ex ones perfect angels. this is how i see the situation and know that many people see it this way too.

about the fables, the real fable is the great majority wants EU membership. well make sure to count me out. does this make me someone who doesnt know what he is talking about, someone who will drag turkey away from democracy and liberation? nope, i dont think so.

KimArar said...

Interesting blog. Interesting opinions. Disagree with you on 90% or so of your comments. :) But at least it lacks the cringeworthy "My grocer invited me to tea yesterday - aren't Turks wonderful" aspect of most expat blogs concerning Turkey. Have added to my favourites list.

On the subject (sic) of submission, apologies. I must try to be more submissive to the Great Wise Ones of Brussels or Amsterdam. After all, I am only a Turk. :-p As regards property, you're way off base, and if you wish to email me, I'll tell you why. Don't want to clutter up this blog.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Hero: I think that the current government is relative agressive.
Finally no bully talk. But still, but still. You know that Turkey is knocking on the EU its door for 40 years. They were never invited.
So, why have the EU change according Turkey which is not even a full democracy?

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

You can not be ailed since your profile and therefore your blo is hide..))
Good, I don't expect that you agree with me. That would be boring...
You can find my email on this bog or under one of my columns..

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

kim, ist this your blog?