Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Just bad propaganda

Putting this picture on the front page of TDN is a pragmatic choice.
It shows his bad side: a populist. And that he is a fanatic believer in France Grandeur. His 'finger' shows: remember! Also: 'remember and be warned'.

On the other side, Turkey is so obsessed with who is in charge in France that it thinks he is the one who can be blamed for Anti-Turkism...
But let's be reasonable: his primary goal is the liberalization of the old socialistic French republic. I don't think Turkey is high in his agenda.
It looks like, according the Turkish press, that only Germany, France and sometimes the UK have a say in Turkey's EU bid. They are deadly wrong.
Turkey simple doesn't understand the consensus policy which dominates the EU. A policy which can be more efficient than any other system.

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