Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The ride of my life! A roller coaster...

Just back from an exhausting trip of 42 hours to Amsterdam and back to Istanbul.
Beside the discouraging information my Turkish friends and partners faced, they had still fun, although we all almost fell asleep during a dinner on Monday night..!!!
But our flight yesterday back to Istanbul is another story. It started good; we were all upgraded to business class.
The captain told that the trip would be quick. Clear view, no delays expected.

Flying to Turkey means flying over Hungary, and there the troubles started: lots of turbulence first and then suddenly coffee and wine was flying around in the cabin and people became really afraid; the plane hit a bubble in the air. Just in an area with a lot of thunder and light. So, the pilots started to climb over these nasty clouds, which took 30 minutes.
But compliments to the captain who kept all the time the passengers informed.
In the end, we arrived 30 minutes before planned arrival time in Istanbul.

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