Sunday, December 16, 2007

How brain dead you can be...

Here is our friend, Ali Kulebi. Again with an article for which he would be prosecuted under several international laws for inciting hate, giving false information and providing fake statements to provoke war. But the guy seems to be a hero for some Turks. And for sure, he hates everything which is not 'Turkic':

Today the primary and the particular threat for Turkey is not the Middle Eastern or Near Eastern countries where our brothers live but it is Greece, which aims to weaken us by every means and supports the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), and which overcharges us at every international platform, and makes alliances with our neighboring countries against us. It is absolutely clear that if Greece believes that it has reached our military power at one day, it would certainly attack Turkey without any question.

That he can write this statements freely in Turkish Daily News, shows how mature this newspaper is. But at the same time, how immature he is.

My dear friend Erkan wrote on his blog that I am biased against Turkey-EU. Yep, I became since Turkey is biased about everything which has to do with the EU, USA, in fact the whole world...'Give up your arms' and 'Make Peace not War'...would be an proper strategy for Turkish foreign policy.

Here Ali his points.


Tufan said...

Please explain why Greece wants to go to war?
This guy is so messed up in his mind. And, he is a public figure, screaming hell and the devil. Maybe some self reflection will help him to overcome his paranoide behavior.

mirdifderya said...

I totaly agree with the way this guys think Hans but on the other hand you need to get out from Turkey or stop reading so much about articles, newspapers or listen people. Otherwise you will get mad:) I stop watching Turkish TV long way back or reading them, unless if I want to make my day:)) In my opinion they are full of themselves: they have no clue about whats going on outside the Turkey. Still mentality of I world world attidude.

super hero said...

well hans,

turkey has solid reasons to believe that greece has been so supportive for the pkk. on the other hand, what vcan you show us to prove that greece has not supported pkk?

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Maybe they were, but what I know is that the Greece-Turkish relations improved on all levels.
Nobody in the EU sees the PKK as freedom fighters anymore.
And Greece, been there often, all what they want is a steady and friendly relation with Turkey. But not Ali..)))
Derya, you agree with Ali?..)
2 days left and then you will meet the terrible Hans..))

Dimitris said...

This guy is completely NUTS.
Think: Greece, 11 million against 80 million? Bot Nato allies.
He is lying too, using a cheap excuse for Turkey to buy more weapons!
See here the FACTS:

super hero said...

with all my respect hans, we are not talking about some 30 years ago or so but only one or two years ago. and as a matter of fact, i am not sure what differene it would make if it were 30 years ago.

greece supported pkk. the convicted leader of this bloody terrorist organization was found in the greek embassy of kenya with a greek cypriot passport.

the bottomline here is, greece supported pkk, and i dont see a reason to stop believing that she changed this hostile attitude, or i dont see a reason to believe that she wont try to do the same thing in the first opportunity.

also, the sentence "Nobody in the EU sees the PKK as freedom fighters anymore," which i directly quoted from you implies that at least a group of people used to see pkk as freedom fighters, and acted accordingly, which also implies that pkk got support from europe whether offcialy or not.

can said...

I don't agree with Kulebi in general, but what the hell is here about inciting hate???

If you want to see examples of inciting hate, go see Greek school books.

Go see the supporters of "Greater Greece."

If you don't believe his remarks that "Greece believes that it has reached our military power at one day, it would certainly attack Turkey without any question," then just look behind for the "Asia Minor Catastrophy."

It was just 80 years ago...

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Dear Super hero,
regarding your last comment: yes there was naivity regarding the PKK. They were fighting with the Grey Wolves in the Netherlands and Germany who could control prostitution, drug trafficing etc.
The question is: what are the roots of the Kurdish issue?
Greece changed its attitude, so did the Turkish military.
That what happened 80 years ago was a result of 350 years of oppresion by the Ottomans.
Problems must be solved through talking, economic development, culture exchange.
Yes, I know the existence of some crazy text in the Greek school books, as I know and have seen with my own eyes how Turkish kids are teached with 'the internal and external enemy'. Shocking. Children became militaristic on a young age. And I know that some Turks still dream about their new Turkic Greet Empire.
Dear Celal, I had to say: all his columns. He is cursing insulting everything which is not Turkish.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

He, my text is messed up..((

super hero said...

dear hans,

if we can agree on what the real situation is, i guess it will be much easier to agree on the solution. because it really needs a very stupid mind to assume that militaristic measures can prevent hostility.

no, i totaly support the development of relations between turkey with greece, and all other countries. and i think what really sucks is the politics, not the indiviuals themselves, and im sure greece is full of sensible people who doesnt like this hatred policy going on. just like, i dont like the hatred policy going on in turkey.

but this doesnt mean that i should forget about how greece supported pkk, along with other countries. now the thing is, greece and europe cannot be always right. as you mention in your post, they were totaly wrong on the pkk issue. and those turks who were trying to tell them that they were on the wrong side of the humanity equation were blamed with all the names. so, europe now decides to understand what a bloody organization pkk is, only after they helped the problem get deeper.

well again, this doesnt mean that we should start a war with europe. on the contary, this means we should develop better ties to express ourselves. but there is no need to be too naive to belive that we are living in a very peaceful region, and there is no reason to accept everything what europe believes to be right at any given time.

cheers, and have a nice bayram

can said...

Check this link to see the "peaceful" Greek ambitions.

ert@n said...

greeks still have a dream of occupying "Constantinople"...

In Melbourne we have a huge greek population, with there pro hellenic movement.. which i do not now why they need one if your living in Australia as Australians.. anyway..
ive over heard a greek grandmother telling her grandson that she would feed him to the turks if he mis-behaved..

They breed hatred into there kids at a young age so Greeks will never be allies/friends ever with that mentality..

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Dear SH,
I agree completely: Turkey has to express itself better. I wrote a lot about that earlier this year in my columns. And indeed, this is not a peaceful region: but Turkey can set the benchmark.
Can, showing a map of 1920?? I can show you maps of 2006 of the Greater Turkey.
Ertan, is the hate not on both sides? In Turkey children are raised up with the internal and external enemy: fear is a mighty tool in the hand of provocateurs.

Ert@n said...

well i was born in Australia and my father did not teach me one bit of hatred towards any race and to embrace the Australian way of life...

i only knew of the conflicts between turks and greeks when i was around the age of 10 years and that was at the hands of a Cypriot Greek of the same age telling me of rapes and killing (which narcissistic parent teaches a 10 year old kid about raping).. and of the Kurds and Armenians when i was 14 by a school science teacher in high school who was Armenian..

these feuds are centuries old yet people are still hanging on to some sort of revenge/smear campaign..

I just dont understand some humans..

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Erkan, I also don't understand all these hate....

Nikolia said...

Who is the only country that really supports Turkey in joining the EU???

Is it Germany??? or France?????

The only is Greece.