Sunday, December 16, 2007

Smoking in Turkey

For people who came to Istanbul, these kind of taxi's is familiar for them: the Tufas.Lined up here at a taxi place.
They were (and are) still cheap. But several things changed dramatically.
First, there is a legal ban of smoking in taxi's, both for the driver's as the passengers as well. And second, the Tufas is not there anymore. Most taxi's are now Fiat's, Honda's and even VW's etc.
And about smoking in taxis', just asked the driver if you can light up a cigarette, he will do it as well, as he will be relieved by the words: 'Can I smoke'. Most of the time he will offer you a cigarette and show a hidden ashtray..))


Ardent said...

In Australia at the moment the government is trying to introduce a new law, whereby adults cannot smoke in their own vehicles if they are transporting children.

Imagine how well that would go down in Turkey!

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Ardent, in Turkey they want to ban smoking in coffeehouses, bars here:
In the Netherlands they will enforce a law in 2008 for a smoking ban in hotel(room)s...
So I have to stop smoking..))

Tufan said...

The movie The Insider is a story about how people are manipulated and how cig. addicts became more addict than before.
Smoking is a waste of time and energy. Sorry Hans, that you still smoke.
Good day America!