Thursday, December 06, 2007

Rome is it.

“You cheer my heart, who build as if Rome would be eternal.” - Julius Caesar (63 BC - 14 AD)
I think Rome might possibly be better than Paris. I know. Those are fightin’ words. Maybe I’m still under the magical spell of one of the most amazing cities EVER (Rome, that is), but for the life of me, I can’t help but wonder why the hell on earth Paris is the most visited city in the world, while Rome is in a distant 5th place? That totally baffles the mind. Rome RULEZ - and Paris is totally overrated!

I hear gasps worldwide coming my direction. Pfff. Bring it on…
This opinion is based on my many stays in Paris and Rome - while I actually have spent much more time in Paris as a resident. Perhaps if I lived in Rome, I might have the “honeymoon is over” syndrome? Who knows. For now, this is what I think, and I’m sticking to it.
Rome is better than Paris. Why? How?
- Much much more history in Rome.
- Stunning monuments and ancient ruins practically everywhere you go in Rome.
- Friendly locals in Rome. Um, Paris? hahahaha.
- Better coffee in Rome, hands down.
- The weather in Rome kicks Paris’ ass. So very much.
- The Pantheon, The Arch? THE Originals are in Rome!
- Rome has less POO on the sidewalks.
- Rome doesn’t smell like pee probably because guys in Italy use the toilets instead of walls and alleys.-
- The food in Rome was consistently excellent. Yes, you heard me correctly.
- Happier atmosphere.
- The ocean is nearby.
- Beauty is everywhere.
- Italian is prettier than French. hee!
- Rome is more relaxed.
- Cafe waiters are nice! OMG what a concept, right Paris?
- Cars stop for pedestrians in Rome.
- The Slow Food movement was founded in Rome.
- The Coliseum in Rome was built in 8 years. How long would it take in Paris?
- No bisou politics. A simple one kiss on each cheek in Italy ‘cept starting on the left side.
- Italians love the Dutch, especially those with blue eyes and blond hair...hehe
- Oh please. This list would take me years to complete.
In defense of Paris, I’ll offer these things: 1) Paris is quieter; 2) Paris has more wifi access; 3) Paris pastries are better except perhaps a simple panna cotta ai frutti di bosco; 4) transportation is more extensive but so what; 5) Paris’ marketing is better, which is why so many more people around the world have been brainwashed believe it is the most beautiful city on earth; 6) Parisian women dress better than Roman women; 7) Paris has more cheese.
But not that much as in the Netherlands.
In the end, I am still a cheese head...


Valerie said...

Hans, you understand that I don't agree witht this. But thanks for the compliment about women from Paris.
How long did you stay in Paris?

Tufan said...

I've been to both cities several times. ButI prefer NYC, Barcelona and yes...Amsterdam over these two over rated cities.
Also, I love SF, and hope to visit Athens soon, on a atrip to Yerevan.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Prague, Amsterdam, Milan, Athens, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Cannes, Mexico DF, Tokyo, Bangkok so many many nice cities...

Valerie said...

We design a special 'line' for Arabic fashion.
Its cute, but still oppresive.

Ardent said...

Hans, I've been to Paris, it is totally overrated like you said. The people are extremely rude and unfortunately I lack the patience to deal with them.

I hope to travel to Italy one day. But one thing is for sure; whenever I do travel overseas I am always so thrilled to be traveling home to Australia.

Great Post!

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Ardent, France is no 1 destination in the world for tourists, with 78 million visitors in 2006, before Italy. France has some beautiful areas, but I simple don't understand why it's so attractive, while I spent many holidays there, worked and lived there..)
Paris is terrible, only if you have some good friends there, people pay more respect. The French still thinks that they invented 'culture'..)) Forget it.

dimitris said...

Hans, do you prefer Rome above Athens?
Honest answer please..))

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

dimitris, I prefer Prague above Athens and Rome..))