Saturday, November 17, 2007

A nice article

I really enjoyed the article below. I agree with Mustafa that the Kemalist are de facto brain dead.

The scandal of the Kemalist mind

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mustafa AKYOL

I, unluckily, made a lot of people upset with my piece in last weekend's edition of the Turkish Daily News, “The gospel according to Atatürk.” A few dozen readers sent fuming emails, which rebuked me for daring to criticize the level of veneration shown in Turkey to its founder.
If you have been reading the “Letters to the editor” section, you might have come across two of these reactions, which came from two Turkish readers living in the United States. The one from New Jersey noted that he was “shocked” by my piece, and added, “someone should tell Akyol that he is dead wrong.” The other one, a lady, expressed “anguish” at me and my “very naive look.” I, she also argued, “cannot be a Turk.”

In response, I am sincerely thankful to such critics, because they present nice case studies of what I have been talking about. I said that there is a popular “cult of Atatürk” in Turkey, whose followers have a “strict mental blueprint” that leads them to “detachment from reality.” And that's precisely what you can find in these annoyed comments.
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Gunther said...

Indeed, a fine article.

Anonymous said...

And now if you don't show your allegiance to Ataturk, and start facing the AnitKabir when you pray, you won't be considered a Turk???

Brainwashing for Dummies is on sale at Amazon!

Hans said...

Make that book available, and or free here in TR. But how can a Turks read a book about Dummies if they are the subject of it..))

Anonymous said...

Even I myself have a problem following it sometimes . . . LOL!

But I'll even sign a copy if act fast, and order now. In fact, operators are standing by . . . and if you call in the next 20 years, I'll even throw in the workbook that goes with it called, 'metinisms for dummies'

Tufan said...

Great article of Mustafa.
Read his article in the Wall Street Journal. He is the best ambassadeur we can imagine.
Metin...metinisme...sounds good.
greetings from SF.