Friday, October 19, 2007

Turkish Delight

One of the most multi-talented Dutch artists, Jan Wolkers, died tonight at the age of 81.
He was a writer, painter, and made sculptures. His Auschwitz monuments were several times vandalized.
Probably his most famous novel, which was made into a highly successful movie, was: 'Turkish Delight' which shocked the Dutch society in 1973.
The director of this movie was Paul Verhoeven who became later world famous with movies such as Basic Instinct, Robocob and Showgirls, and camera man Jan de Bont, well known by the movies: Speed, Twister, and Die Hard, and Ruther Hauer, the lead actor in Turkish Delight and later in movies such as Blade Runner, Blind Fury etc.

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Sincerae said...

Blonde types are not my favorite, but I think Rutger Hauer was very handsome in his younger days.