Friday, October 19, 2007

Common sense prevails...

The EU emerged from a 2-year institutional crisis. In the end, everybody got what it wanted: Bulgaria, Italy, the UK and Poland were battling for extra demands.

It's obvious that when a small country, like now Portugal, holds the EU presidency, there is more chance that progress can be made. We saw that in the past, especially during EU presidency of the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The new reform treaty is significantly different than the Constitutional Treaty of 2004 which was rejected through referendums held in France and the Netherlands.

Here you can read the differences.


Vassili said...

Actually it is a bit scary. Scary in that the UK can 'opt out' of something like the Charter of Fundamental Rights. A charter which re-affirms the UN charter of Human Rights. While many countries ignore it, Human rights, human dignity is still something that we/ that all countries should aspire to achieve and attain. That the UK believes that it can opt of dignity is scary for both its citizens and for the rest of Europeans.

Clerk said...

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