Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Levi-Prodi law and the end of the Internet in Italy

It looks like that soon we will miss our friend Yasemin.
Ricardo Franco Levi, Prodi’s right hand man, undersecretary to the President of the Council (Prodi is Italian PM), has written the text to put a stopper on the mouth of the Internet. The draft law was approved by the Council of Ministers on 12th of October. No minister dissociated themselves from it. On gagging information, very quietly, these are all in agreement. The Levi-Prodi law lays out that anyone with a blog or a website has to a) register it with the ROC, b) a register of the Communications Authority, c) produce certificates, d) pay a tax, even if they provide information without any intention to make money. Read more here.

This insane plan is of Ricardo Levi: "Ricardo Franco Levi, sottosegretario alla Presidenza del Consiglio e padre della riforma, sdrammatizza: "Lo spirito del nostro progetto non è certo questo. Non abbiamo interesse a toccare i siti amatoriali o i blog personali, non sarebbe praticabile".

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yasemin said...

Well, as much as I understood, the blogs that are based outside of Italy are not covered by this law. But I would expect anything from this government! We are becoming more and more a communistic country. They want to have total control of our private lives. They are checking our bank accounts, the cheques we make and who we give them to, our doctor's appointments, everything... And Prodi is not ashamed.. He is one of the people accused of having money in San Marino. They do nothing for the people, but destroy everything that was made before them. I am, and have always been, traditionally on the left, but when we have another election nobody on the left can have my vote in this country.