Sunday, October 21, 2007

Last of the Iraqis - 6 - Struggle of Powers

I think this is a very crucial time and will decide many things. And from another aspect the Kurdistan Issue, I can't believe my eyes when I see the news and what they are saying in it, Turkey wants to use the army and enter Kurdistan borders, the Kurds are shaking and they are asking for help!!!

They want the Iraqi government to do something, the demonstrations are asking for that too while none of them is carrying an Iraqi flag!!!

They carry the Kurdistan flag only, no Iraqi civilian can enter Kurdistan without something like a visa and they have residency laws for the Iraqis, they consider there selves another country and depending on that they behave, why do they want the Iraqi government to do something ? Aren't they another country with a flag and a complete government?

If they can't manage things by them selves and they want the rest of Iraq to be with them, they should carry and use the Iraqi flag with their flag, at least they shouldn't put the ones who carries or wears the Iraqi flag behind bars!!!The Iraqi flag is forbidden in the north!!
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