Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Bayram

Wishing everybody a Happy Bayram.
I am in a place where I see more Dutch and Russian girls, nicely dressed, than Turkish people.
It's fun, walking around and hearing people speaking in your mother language while they are not aware that maybe other people can understand them..))
It's food, drinks, sun and the sea...and they have wireless Internet (the most important),
so I am saved.
The humidity here reminds me of my years in Miami, but I am still in a suit!


Anonymous said...

Happy Bayram to all:

Religious, Muslim, Secular, Foreigner, or otherwise . . .

Ramazan Bayrami Herkese (ve Dunyaya) Kutlu Olsun!!!

mirdifderya said...

'Iyi Bayramlar' Happy bayram or they say here: Eid Mubarak:))

Ulus olarak canımızın acımadığı,
Barışın olduğu, Sevdikleriniz ile birlikte sağlıklı ve mutlu bayramlar geçirmenizi diliyorum.

Anonymous said...


You've died and gone to heaven??

Wait till you come to Newport Beach . . . where there is no humidity, (but nudity), and the people around you do speak the same language, but you still can't make out what they're saying . . .


Leave the suit at home . . .

Enjoy your time off!!!

archisugar said...

Happy bayram!
and happy holidays... :-)

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

i died and are reincarnated..))
with all these russian, french, isralean, dutch and ukrainien godesses here, i had too..))