Sunday, September 30, 2007

Turkey does not belong in Europe: Sarkozy

French President Nicolas Sarkozy reaffirmed on Thursday he did not believe Turkey should be admitted to the European Union, while calling for a "true partnership" with the mainly-Muslim nation.

"I do not believe that Turkey belongs in Europe, and for a simple reason, which is that it is in Asia minor," Sarkozy said in a prime-time interview on TF1 and France 2 television.
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Anonymous said...

I got an idea!

Why don't we split Turkey into TurkeyEast and TurkeyWest. Then the European side, along with all the seculars can join the EY, and the East with all the Islamists, and those with headscarves can live happily ever after with the Kurds, etc.

Then, what will be Sarkozy's excuse?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the EY (above) should read the EU. But EY sounds more descriptive as it is after all the 'glorified' union of European Yesteryear!

Hans said...

Metiin, we give this guy to much attention..)))

The EU is social-political and economical blog...especially economical its powerful..
But you don't like that since your dollars became less worth comp the euro..))
I get now for 1 euro 1.40 usd..))
You get for your USD 0.70 euro...
poor you..(

Anonymous said...

Luckily for me, I don't buy anything European with my American Dollar. Except for that Mercedes . . .

You got me!