Friday, September 28, 2007

More blogs, more people to meet

Added several blogs to our blog roll:
First of all, Jake in Adana, whose former blog by Wordpress is not accessible anymore, but here is the new one.
Also another expat, Bea, a professional writer in Istanbul. Remarkable style of writing. Highly recommended.
Sincerae, another American in Istanbul, but going back to the USA. But will stay in touch.
And a blog, One world media, by the British journalist and photographer Onnik Krikorian, based in Yerevan. A very professional blog.
Mohammed from Baghdad is our guest writer. We agreed that I publish his postings under the name 'Last of the Iraqis'.

Met this week Esra, from Switzerland. Was a nice encounter. Only, she writes in Turkish, and is the only non-English blog on our blog roll.


Anonymous said...

I was going to wish 'Sincerae' a 'welcome home' to the United States. But I hate it that on her blog you must sign in to be a member of 'Microsoft.'

Hopefully, she'll get my best wishes here.

And of course we all love Bea!

Hans said...

Sincerae will stay in touch,
and Yes, Bea forever..))
More soon...))

sincerae said...

Thanks again for adding me, Hans:) I'm buying my return ticket today.

I will keep writing over there, and perhaps someday when I make some money and things are more secure, I will return. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but HEY I'm American and some of us are eternal optimists.

And thanks to you too, Metin:)

archisugar said...

Hi Hans! It was nice to meet you too. Sorry that I could not write before. I have problems with my computer.

non-English blogger. :-P