Saturday, September 29, 2007

Business is human again

This is Reza Oliaei, a good friend of mine in the Netherlands. I started working with him on transnational business in spring 2006.
I will put a part of his intro letter as CEO, published on his website, below. Why? Yesterday, Super Hero posted an entry about data. You can read it here. And this is all about 'secret data'.

Business is Human Again!

...the greatest transformation and evolution agent that makes your customer experience tangible…

What is actually the problem? Companies and organizations have become more and more impersonal due to globalization and international competition. The more global they try to be; the more inhuman they become at a point that we are starting to get used to receive “No, no, no” answers from them. It’s just a matter of time before we churn…

Do you realize how companies over-complicate the definition of a simple customer who struggling to find simple values and loyalty while trying to buy, pay and consume simple products and services? We are lost in loyalty cards, call centers, surveys, rewards, absorbed marketing actions, countless direct mails, never ending advertisement campaigns, rigid IT systems that dictate human factors, outsourcing that disintegrates the basic services, speed of technology and marketing growth that is faster than population growth. In consequence we get used to force customers to believe in our artificial and unwanted marketing traps to pull them down to drown into our operational silos and corporate bazaars.

Nowadays; consumers are searching for authenticity, genuineness, values and the organizations who don’t try to mean everything for everybody, but who have made a clear and distinct choice to deliver specific and adequate 1 to 1 values to each individual consumer and who do not try to 'lock-them-in' because of their incapacity, inflexibility, complexity and lack of understanding about who they really are and what values they truly deserve.

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