Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mijn Istanbul - My Istanbul

A couple of weeks ago I met for the first time with the Dutch journalist Bernard Bouwman. He is correspondent for the Dutch quality newspaper NRC in Istanbul. Also for the impartial Dutch TV station NOS and the Radio 1 he is the correspondent. He is an interesting person who studied History, Philosophy and International Relations in Utrecht, the Netherlands, France, Washington DC and the UK. He got his Ph.D in Political Science at Oxford University.
He lives in Istanbul since 1999 and speaks Turkish.
This year his book was released 'Mijn Istanbul' (My Istanbul). He sent it to me by post since he is on a well deserved holiday. Today I received it and started reading. Must say, it's fabulous how he describes all kinds of situations he went through in Turkey, interviews with famous Turkish people. A book full of anecdotes. Unfortunately, it's still only available in Dutch. But English translation will follow soon. I don't think that it will be translated in Turkish...some 'sensitive' things would not be appreciated by a small minority. But his love for Istanbul is obvious.

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Tufan said...

Let me know when it is available in English.