Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last of the Iraqis - 3 - The Jail

As the date of My wedding anniversary becomes closer, I decided to make a surprise trip for both of us, me and my wife, to celebrate our anniversary for 3 weeks in Jordan. I wanted us to relax, live a normal life for a while, see our parents and have some fun and because I wanted it to be a surprise, I didn't mention it because my wife (of course) reads my blog. Anyway, I started to arrange the requirements of the trip, I needed to book tickets, and take a sick leave, because it's the only type of leaves that I can have, and I have to go to Al-Sadir hospital (formerly known as Al-Qadesia hospital) which is in Al-Sadir city (formerly known as Al-Thaora "the revolution" or Saddam city)! I don't know why they force any one who wants to take a leave to take it from there! I know there is a thin line between Braveness and stupidity, but this is a necessity to me and I have to go and that's what I did, Al-Sadir City is somewhere that not only Sunni are afraid to go but even most of the Shiite who doesn't live there, like my friend who is Shiite and whom I asked to accompany me there and was terribly afraid to do so, I know Al-Sadir city is the stronghold of Al-Mahdi army, but people thinks that it's the grave of anyone who dares to go there of course except the people who lives there, anyway I decided to go, I decided to take the risk to have some peace later. I wear raged clothes, and didn't shave that day so I will not bring attention.....

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what a story...((((