Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Viewpoint: Turkey's soul unveiled

by Elif Shafak

Internationally acclaimed writer Elif Shafak says women's bodies have become a battlefield for competing views of modern Turkey.
Here she comments on the impact of Abdullah Gül's election as president. Mr. Gül is a former Islamist whose wife controversially wears the headscarf.
Ms. Shafak was tried last year - and acquitted - on charges of "insulting Turkishness" in her novel, The Bastard of Istanbul.
In the history of every country, there are certain periods when time flows more quickly and perhaps more painfully.
The year 2007 has been one of the most turbulent years in recent Turkish history.

Turkey's pop music reveals its close identification with the West.
And yet, Turkey has an amazing capacity to rapidly normalize things and generate stability out of commotion.
Now, after months of mass demonstrations and rising political tension, Turkey has finally chosen its president.
Much to the dismay of the conventional secular elite, the former foreign minister, Abdullah Gül, has become the new president.
In fact, very few people have a problem with Mr. Gül's personality. He has been a successful, pro-EU diplomat and a mild and moderate voice within his party.
His public support for journalists and writers on trial has also brought him close to intellectuals.
Today, in addition to his own electorate, he has the empathy and support of many in the intelligentsia and business circles.
Interestingly, it was less Mr. Gül himself than his wife who has been discussed and challenged - if not rejected - by the country's mainstream elite.
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mirdifderya said...

'The year 2007 has been one of the most turbulent years in recent Turkish history.'

What Turbulance is she talking about? Every year there is turbulance in Turkey. We like to overexaggerate everything:) Can we stop critised everything start looking around us. Turkey is getting bigger and stronger than ever compare to last 10 years.

mirdifderya said...

Oh by the way, how about focusing on our Foreign policy! While we are busy with our Interier Business, we have no clue what's hapenning in the world!

How many Turks knows; Where is Dafur is? Or there was big earthquick in Peru couple weeks ago, do they know where about is it? Blair is gone, what it's his recent job is!? Jews are accepting Genocide what have we been doing? busy with what? We are more than 7000 Turks lives where I live, what kind connections do we have, how many Turkish schools, but there is German school or French for only 70 students, or Armenian or Greek, but they are connected! What we do moan, nationilist for what?

Stop moaning and complaining about the Goverment! Act, do someting, stop 57% votes going to AKP. Us Turks flew back all the way from abroud to gave our votes to someonelse, did tried at least:), If Turks in Turkey could of tried as much as Expat Turks, we won't be in this situation, well nothing wrong with the situation anyway! Hope so!

Uff talk too much again, sorry Hans

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

haha, Derya, go on, more like this.))
I simple agree with you.
Turkey is stronger than ever!
But still complaining..))

archisugar said...

Complaining is good. Brings improvement with... :-)

Sean Jeating said...

According to my closest friend Tetrapilotomos' absolutely honest and trustworthy source Cankaya will become renamed as GÜListanlik.