Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Inquisition in Egypt

According to many Egyptian writers, intellectuals and bloggers, there is a real witch hunt going on in Egypt. Lawyers like Nabih el-Wash, try to prosecute everybody and everything who is not praising Allah and see the poems of the Egyptian poet Abdel Moati Hegazi (picture above) as sacrilege. He, Abdel Moati, compared the arch conservative 'sjeikh' Yusuf el-Badri not as a scholar but opportunist, who wants to make easy money. Yusuf el-Badri is one of the the people who filed complaint after complaint. In the mean while he is getting rich with the money he gets by the court decisions.

Yusuf el-Badri after a court case with one of his fans.
The lawyer El-Wash sees the highlight of his career when an Egyptian movie producer was convicted to 80 whip layers when she stated that many girls were not virgin anymore.

Ten years ago, the academic Nasr Hamid Abu Zeid and his wife were forced to divorce since he was not a 'Muslim' anymore, so he can not be married to a Muslim wife. One of the complainants was Yusuf el-Badri. In the end, Abu Zeid and his wife asked for political asylum in the Netherlands. Currently he works as a Professor at the university of Leiden and Utrecht.

Kareem is imprisoned since he discussed and criticized the Egyptian government.


mirdifderya said...

Pufff No hope, Husni Mubarek will there till his death, after that his son will be taking over.(According to Egyptian friend of mine).

I remember the last election, even CNN and BBC journalist pushed away while they were filming the minorty group's protest!

What happen to English Journalist in Palastine?

Hans said...

he is freed 6 weeks ago...while you were on holiday...)))

mirdifderya said...

Great to hear:))

Hans said...

you mean Alan Johnson of BBC, right?

mirdifderya said...

Yes yes, forgat his name all of sudden:) have so much things in my mind:)

William Hermansen Lien said...

Looking at the picture of this 'sjeik' makes my stomach weak, and sad that these zealots Have a Say.
Been all over Arabia, no, its not my area.
Have a nice day.

Sean Jeating said...

According to those making / manipulating the opinon in our hemisphere, Egypt is still a beacon of democracy in Middle East.

Ho ho ho.

Hans, I suppose it will take us at least 15 minutes to solve this problem. :-)))))