Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Was planning to write about my bus trip from South California to Mexico DF, and from there to Guatemala and back to Mission Viejo, California. But absolutely no inspiration today. Will do it later this week. Btw, I am sick and tired of the heat...


Metin said...

Hey Hans, when you get to Mission Viejo, let me know. I'd love to meet up with you. I am only in Newport Beach/Irvine area. We'll have a drink.

Cool ocean breezes and only in the upper 70s here! and No Humidity (unlike Mexico)

Happy Travels!

Hans said...

Hi Metin,
Its about a trip I made when I was 20...)
Will write about it later...
For sure, would like to meet you.
I was in your aread 1 1/2 years ago, driving from San Fransisco ot Scotsdale/Phoenix Arizona, 1 one day..))

Sean Jeating said...

Those who are no at 18, will never become a revolutionary. :) Was it Shaw?

Anyway, looking forward to read this, too. And I am curious about your thought then and now about the legendary RPI (Party of the institutionalised revolution).

Kind regards,

P.S. My comment to your Austria post seems to have been vanished in the cyber-orcus. :)

Hans said...

Dear Sean,
I get more comlains aabout 'lost comments'. really don't know what happened.
RPI..)) I will write about it tonigt...