Friday, August 03, 2007

The End of Tolerance in Amsterdam

Immigrants from Turkey or the former Dutch colony of Suriname are not the ones that keep the Dutch police on their toes. The "problem" immigrants in Slotervaart (Amsterdam) come from Morocco, not from major cities but from villages in the High Atlas and Rif Mountains. They live here in their own world, eating couscous with lamb's brain salad, watching Al-Jazeera and attending the mosque on Fridays. There is little pressure to conform to Dutch customs and lifestyles.

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mirdifderya said...

Bit like some other 100.000 Turks in Germany:(

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Derya,there are 3.000.000 of them in Germany..))
Good people, nice people, but no way how to integrate..((

Hans said...

Dear Deyra,
With an influx of Muslims, there is also an increase of hate crimes against Jews, homosexuals, and other than 'Muslim' way of thinking.
These are not spare incidents, these attacks are on a daily base and well organized...

mirdifderya said...

Yes, I know there is about 3.000.000 of them in Germany, thats why I wrote some 100.000 even more of them, sounded same like in the article. They've been living in middle of Germany more then 25 years but still using the same habit back to their village and only watch Turkish TV and lived in same areas ect..

As ell as some moved up in many giant German companies with high level, and taking over Germany little bit by little bit (Joke:))

Hans said...

Derya, I met already Turkish people on high ranking positions in Germany..))
Taking over Germany, you have my blessings..))