Thursday, July 12, 2007

Foreign commentators

While Amnesty was not well known in Turkey several years ago, it's now widely seen as a independent human rights body. Without a political program. It criticize easily left wing, right wing or religious groups when using terror, torture, indoctrination etc. Regarding Turkey: I had lately a discussion with Emre about racism etc., who wrote that Turkey have a clear record. I share his optimism about Turkey but a report of AI about Turkey is still very critical. It is updated May of this year. Read it here.

Turkey is in a tense situation. You should think that foreign news agencies are watching the elections closely. But no real attention as far as read the European or USA press. Yes, IHT comes up with articles but the rest is marginal. Only through Turkish Digest I received the next article. By an organization founded by Trotsky. It's all about the CHP and its 'unarmed forces'.

More about the CHP in Turkish Daily news by the columnists M.A. Birand, Yusuf Kanli and Mustafa Aykol. You can read them here, here and here if you missed the opportunity to read before.

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