Friday, June 08, 2007

Typical Turkish or Turkishness...what's the difference?

One of the things I don't understand in Turkey is the word 'Turkishness'.
I know what is 'typical Turkish', like hospitality, pride, raki or baklava, but asking around, nobody could give a clear answer. If someone is telling me "you are typical Dutch (stingy, multi lingual, or whatever)", I respond: "Yes, so what?".
Turkishness sounds also something like some kind of race, and then not the inferior one...
Anyone out there to give me an answer on this?


Eleni Andrianopulu said...

I found an interesting greek newspaper article over a greek/turkish study on “national identity” and nationalism in the two countries. If you understand german, then you can find in my blog a part of my translation (not finished yet), if not, you could try to find it in a Turkish newspaper.

Here the links:

Part I:

and Part II:

Eleni Andrianopulu said...
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