Friday, June 15, 2007

Turkish NGO's active in Europe - part 1

Yes, this will be a long story how Erbakan's Milli Gurus just ripped off 20.000 Turkish people of their savings, how the fascistic MHP likes to play for police agent in the Ruhr area, Hamburg, East of the Netherlands by selling women, fraud, provocations and intimations, and last but not least, how the Turkish government tries to influence the Dutch, Belgium, French and German politics. This will be an unheard story. Hope to silence all the 'followers' of the main stream Turkish press (looks like high school newspapers - but I have a special taste).
Than, only than, after you see what is going on, you can comment and call me a bastard, imperialist, asshole, colonialist etc. Enfin, the usual words I get...

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