Friday, June 15, 2007

Teach your children well

I am always surprised how quick foreign media are reacting about developings in Turkey; their Turkish counterparts can learn a lesson from them. Even Al Jazeera is quicker. There is no 24-hrs up to date web site based newsletter, only Zaman is doing okay with a quick update.

Erkan, on his blog already made us aware that President Sezer of 'valede des republica of Turkey' vetoed the new package of elections reforms the current government proposed. And Sezer will bring this package to the public, which means: are the people of Turkey intelligent enough to vote for their president or a bunch of fist fighting deputies? Maybe an intelligent test for wannabee's politicians would help? Just an idea...))

The current government is an legal elected one, but some people in the opposition have the arrogance that people, who voted for AK Party are stupid and ignorant, that they even don't deserve to vote. Right, they are poor, but what have that to do with democracy? Okay, everybody must follow the military and their imposed military doctrine (started at pre-elementary schools, and ends the last year at one of the non top 500 universities in the world). Auw...

Would love you to show trembling children at the age of 9, who on 'Children's day (a day for Children not for the military) who are reciting Ataturk his words. Poor confused kids. Looking to their moms and dads if they fail 'Ataturks test'. Ataturk would be worried by so much idiotery. Child, be child and don't take too much crab for granted.

Ha, therefore, a lot of Turkish students get educated abroad. Molding is an important process in students life: be critical, find your own way, and think freely. Not in Turkey. Get your grades and leave the rest to Father State. So Turkey is still holding up with North Korea and Myanmar. Bravo!

Now, I am waiting until the Turkish mobs, or Turkish 'Gestapo' picks me up...just missed (on invitation) the high level security and democracy seminar in Istanbul. At least, I feel some protection by the NPD...


mirdifderya said...

If I support your article, do you think, I need High level security too when I enter Turkey?:)

I do think that, Turkish education is bit over the top on Ataturk and How Repuplic of Turkey Established; yes we are very proud of it and we are very greatful for it, but what else did we do except learning past but not doing anything for Future..?

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

You don't need to support my article dear Derya. Its my opinion.
Your opinion might be different, but we still can discuss matters in peace..))

Regarding Ataturk. The cult around him is ridicolous. Let me say that I can critize him since Turks are not allowed to do so. I see statements of people these days: 'We need Ataturk'. In fact they say: we are not capable to solve the problems. Was Ozal not a good PM and President? Why does Turkey always needs 'leaders'. Because Turks are followers...))

mirdifderya said...

I tried to say, what you wrote in your article, that I do agree as well..:))

Ozal was being good President or PM is open to discussions, he did good things for Turkey and bad which we still suffering from, discussing his good/bad presidency will gain nothing to us. Yes, with great respect why we have to say; we need Leaders like Ataturk, Why don't we make one from inside or let them to come out! Again lot to do with whom we choose during election if we have anybody not from dinosaur’s centuryJ

Humans generally are followers not only Turks. Human nature is generally need to follow somethingJ/someone.