Saturday, June 09, 2007

New blogs on the block

Yesterday and today added some new blogs to my favorite blogs list.
Especially the blog from Myrthe, a Dutch, now living in Yerevan, and Vassili who is trying to survive in Athens are nice blogs. Also another Dutch, Sietske, living in Beirut created an interesting blog.
None of them are propaganda blogs, but about life and love and the countries they are living in.
Found also a feature which doesn't allow 'anonymous' comments anymore. At least you must leave your name or blog name now.


Anonymous said...

I am not Armenian, only Dutch. Though my Armenian friends all say I'm half Armenian already, or "the most Armenian Dutch and the most Dutch Armenian". ;-)

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Being 'only Dutch' is already a lot..))
Will change the text accordingly...