Thursday, April 12, 2007

Flying Olympic Airways

This is a high wind propeller airplane.
Didn't know that these planes are still used for commercial purposes. But Olympic Airways is still using these machines: between Istanbul and Thessaloniki. Not more than 50 people can go with it! And I was thinking last week Thursday, the first day of Greek Orthodox Easter, that this flight could be crowded. Especially since there are only 2 flights each week from Istanbul to the second city of Greece. But the flight was not even full!
Thirty years ago, while on my first visit to Athens, we booked an unexpected flight to Cairo. Never forget that trip since I was thinking by the start that we didn't get off the ground...
Now, sitting in Exit Row, I could hear the propellers banging in my ears for 1 hr and 10 minutes.
No, not fun at all. Also the flight was delayed twice. We took off 20 minutes after the flight was supposed to land in Thessaloniki. I am curious about my flight this Sunday: Thessaloniki-Athens-Istanbul.

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