Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The world really doesn't know what really happened in Cyprus

The world really doesn’t know what really happened in Cyprus and why Turks occupied it. A paradigm shift within the EU on how to perceive Cyprus is needed, and the only one who can do this are the Turks, who should tell their story more effectively.
Cyprus and the EU - What matters is the perception

This article is published on Wednesday, April 4, 2007 in
The Turkish Daily News
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Zeynep Kiziltan said...

Hi Hans,

I am a Turkish friend of Ozlem :-) I read this article sometime ago and I wrote a long comment, but unfortunately it disappeared before I managed to send it out (I am a computer scientist btw ;-)

In short, I shared my personal experiences in discussing the history of the Cyprus issue with the non-Turks (they usually don't know what happened before the Turkish invasion, as you raised up in your article), the diffiulties I went through for a 1-week visit to Cyprus and the impossibiltiy of calling/sending SMS to Turkey during my visit, the increadible hospitality and friendship of the Cpriots when they heard I'm Turkish, the night when the Turks and Greeks danced together in the stage, the citeseeing tour dedicated to insulting Turks, and the happy final (meeting my husband :-) An interesting story indeed!