Thursday, March 08, 2007

You read Me, I watch You.

Put today a counter on this blog. In the wrong place of course. I am still clumsy about how to deal with all these features. If someone is reading this, your help is well appreciated.

And comments are always welcome. Feel free to complain about what I write here. Only rude language will not pass 'the moderator'...

And, btw, the counter started on March the 8th, 2007...the day that we started watching you!


super hero said...

wow. 719 visitors already? i can only get 10 people in average everyday.

the place doesnt seem so bad unless you want to play the humble public servant and showing off with the number of visitors is not you. or, you can put it at the very bottom as if it is just a small detail, and yet it will keep on glamouring with such an audience.

Sezgin said...

Pretty good, Hans my friend.
Nice to hear from you on the web too.