Saturday, March 03, 2007

Everything you want to know about Turkish Universities...

Ege University Research and Application Center of Women Problems (EKAM) Director Nurselen Toygar said that there were around 8 million illiterate Turkish women. There are in total 72 million people living in Turkey. That's a shocking fact.
Toygar said, "Beside these 8 million illiterate women, 640,000 girls are not going to school in Turkey. Only 3 percent of women receive university education. On the other hand Turkey is ranked 165 in the list of countries where women are represented in the best way."
Regarding universities, not one of the more than 90 universities are listed in the Top-500 worldwide. In the Top-500 of Europe, the first Turkish university is listed 172.
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yasemin said...

The link you have given could also be titled 'Everything you want to know about French universities...', since there are many French universities on that page. I want to 'believe' that you don't know the names of the Turkish universities or you still don't recognize the flag of the country that you call 'my country', because if you did, you would notice that the universities 172, 188, 242, 299, 376 and 389 are also Turkish universities and they are NOT on the page that you have given the link to, but are on the pages before.... No, no, I don't think that you gave that link intentionally.. or did you, dear Hans???