Thursday, March 01, 2007

‘My Queen’ and ‘My Country’

Published on February the 28th 2007 in Turkish Weekly.

Are you Dutch? Or are you from the Netherlands or Holland? And what kind of language do you speak over 'there': "German", "Allamagne", "Dutch"?
And why are you dressed up like Orange monkey’s when your national football team plays a football match?
And yes, we Turks know that your Dutch football teams: AZ, PSV and again AZ kicked our Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Kayserispor etc. out the European league this year. Thank you!
And why is the color Orange so special for you? Why not a simple tricolor: Red, White and Blue? Because the French once occupied the Low Lands: the Netherlands?
And why are the Dutch always so tall? And, yes, you Love Heineken? What about Raki, our national Liquor? No thank you.

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yasemin said...

You have written "the Dutch are 'direct'" whereas "Turks are generous to foreigners", well, I am 'no ordinary Turk', so let me be 'direct' and 'not so generous and forgiving' ;-) It is obvious that your articles are edited before they are published in TDN, but they are not edited when you send them to Turkish Weekly.. Somebody should do that job for you. Hey, you are Dutch, you are not perfect, and neither is your English ;-)