Tuesday, January 15, 2008


European politics, with the exception of the British, are in my opinion boring. For that reason I like a person as Sarkozy; ever witnessed a president who gives a 2 hour press conference for 500 journalist where he or she answered all the questions?
Turkish politics are different. Politicians are always insulted but at the same time they are offensive against everyone who criticize them. And with a press which don't know the difference between facts and fiction and between private and public information, you get a colorful mess.
How different are the USA politics. In this election year everything turns around 'truthiness': doesn't matter if something is true, as long as it looks like that it's true.
But can you prosecute people under this word?..))


Valerie said...

THis is the first time that I read something what makes sense about our President on a blog from Turkey.
Although I didn't vote for him, he show some courage!

Tufan said...

I really love this word 'truthiness'. Too much spin in American politics and business life.

dimitris said...

As far as I know, we don't have 'Greekiness' in our vocabulaire, but we have 'Greek or of Greek origin'....