Monday, January 28, 2008

The terrible Dutch

Yes, they vetoed the new proposed European Constitution away, together with the French. And now they want to put a hold on EU negotiations with Serbia. They only would sign a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) "when Serbia hands over the people who stand indicted for the Yugoslavia tribunal".
All members, included the EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn, wanted to sign this agreement, but today they agreed that only this pact will be signed when Serbia handed over war crimes suspects to The Hague tribunal. The Netherlands was backed by Belgium.
The Serbian general Ratko Mladic is among those indicted on genocide charges.

Why do I write this down on this blog? Because I read so often in Turkish newspapers and on Turkish blogs that there are British-French or French-German 'alliances' conspiracies against the Turkish state. Nonsenses. Today proves again that even small countries can block what they want.
I recommend Turkish journalists, before making bold statements, to read my dear friend Erkan his blog. He will get his PhD. on Turkish journalism and the EU.
At the same time, its sad to read that a Turkish academic is handed down and sentenced him to a 15 month suspended jail term.
After the YouTube ban, the ongoing investigation in the 'deep state' of Turkey and the totally out of proportion debate of the head scarf, it will be in Turkish benefit if their government and the MP's knows what crisis management means instead of walking around with guns in their parliament!
Yes, I admit that I am a terrible Dutch, criticizing reaction on the biased, hateful and reactionary Turkish bourgeois press. The difference between them and me? I can write what I want, and they are not...)


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