Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Historic visit to Turkey by Greek PM - a behind the scenes look

Hello one and all, i know its a bit tardy of me, but i believe that i should just quickly comment on my favourite blog about the Greek PMs recent visit to Turkey.

I could say how talking is good, leaders hashing out important topics etc, unfortunately its none of that. Since last December, Greece has been rocked with its own SEX and VIDEO scandal. Mr Zahopoulos, a close friend of the Prime Minister and his wife - whom he made Head of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and who has held that position since the PM took office - has been caught on tape engaging in sexual relations with a female member of his staff (not his wife). The government has been desperately trying to spin this into a Sex story but the more this story drags out, the more it becomes clear that it is about abuse of power, misspent monies and cronyism at the highest level.

Since the spin is wearing off, the Greek PM who is well known for his dislike of international travel (he slept in and forgot to go to Davos in his first year of PM and has not turned up since) is suddenly making trips. He has gone to India to... visit apparently, upon his return to Greece he made a speech against corruption which was roundly ignored and now he has gone to Turkey to discuss.... nothing in particular. Now that he is back in Greece he is keeping a low profile. Who knows, maybe he may start doing some work, but i sincerely doubt it.


Sean Jeating said...

Vassili, I suppose there is no country in which a political career would wreck of incapacity. :)
Interesting post. Any links (in English)?

Internation Musing said...

Welcome back Vassili..))