Sunday, January 27, 2008

Heading towards what?

Since last year, Turkey went from issue to issue. Or better said: from crisis to crisis. And it looks that neither Turkey nor their allies really knows what the upshot will be. And, in which direction? Still.

Turkey is on a breaking point: is it real democratic and religious or anti-democratic and religious intolerant? That’s at stake. The image of a honest broker between the different cultural and dutiful groups in Turkey are puzzled; is Turkey a multi-cultural society like where the Turkish communities in West Europe are living in? Or how the 'Americans' are living together, or the Brazilians, the Australians?

Yes, there are quite some ‘Turkish watchers’ these days. Deliberations about Turkey during dinners, cocktails and other inter cultural merrymaking is a fact. But are perceptions changing and is the nation state of Turkey vulnerable for external pressure. Can it be a country which is not a secular one, nor religious one, but a third way, where the EU institutions can be a security factor? For all of you: if you join the EU, you can join but never leave.

Facts are that the country is changing swiftly, and it looks like that no one can really follow what’s going on, even some well educated Turks. . .


Tamar said...

In fact, who can follow Turkey and its hide and run politics?

valerie said...

Who can follow Tukey its external politics anyway.
Hooking up with Iran, Sudan, Hamas, Syria is not benefially for at all.

Gert Jan Keutelaer said...

Heading towards the EU..))
You're kidding!