Tuesday, January 22, 2008


After I left the Netherlands definitely behind me as 'home country' some 9 years ago, there was one thing I really missed. And that was not Dutch beer, Dutch cheese, or cozy life in Amsterdam, the vivid art and or the international business circles. Neither I missed the tolerance where people could have discussion all night long, nor the multi- national and multi cultural atmosphere of Amsterdam (172 different nationalities on a population of 800.000, Turks are one of the 172, he, only one). I also didn't missed the interesting and divers business culture. No, I missed my acupuncturist! While in Czech in the USA I travelled more to Amsterdam than since living in Turkey. So, I could visit him at least several times a year.
I am fond about my acupuncturist since I consider acupuncture and auriculo therapy as one of the best medical treatments available. And it prevents!
Although I found an acupuncturist in Turkey in 2003, I didn't go there that often. I relied on my many business trips (often unpredictable and very irregular) to visit my Dutch acupuncturist. But last weekend, after a terrible week of being sick, up, sick etc., I decided to go back to him. And yes, now the connection was made.
The relation between a doctor and a patient/client is vital. As I am being treated in several Turkish hospitasl like an ATM machine, I found my docter who also can direct me to the right people for other issues.
Not with doctors and who are more in love with my kind of credit card than my health. And yes, that's what I miss in Turkey; a social health care system. Its all about the head scarf, still.
And yes!! I miss Dutch Haring, Kroketten, Hutspot, Pindakaas, Kaas...
But not enough to migrate back..!!


Gert Jan Keutelaer said...

I will do Jan Willem the greetings and forward this entry...))

Mert said...

Doctors act like God here, and they see their patients like mud..(((

Rajesh said...

If you are looking for Acupuncture Specialists, Doctors in Dubai this is a very good resource, i found dr. Termedi from India on this site. He was one of the best in Dubai, too bad he had to leave for India.

Support-Doctor-Dubai said...

Thankyou for your reference Mr. Rajesh.

John said...

Friday, January 15, 2010

My wife and I are visiting in Istanbul from the USA and she has developed what appear to be accute sinusitis (probably the result of an infection). We have been to see a Medical Doctor and prescribed anti-biotics and Panadol. Now we are look for an acupuncturist that could help her today or this weekend. I know it's and outside chance that you will see this message but I thought you might be available or able to recommond someone that is available.

thank you, John Loram
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