Friday, November 16, 2007

Smoking in Turkey

Turkey is a smoking country, and a country of 'Smoking Guns' ...once and a while.
Lately I had diner with some friends, close ones. We had a nice chat, but what bothers me was when someone finnished diner, and others are not ready for the next round, they start smoking...and the smoke is send to you in peace to your face...I am a avid smoker but this too much for appetite is like snow in the Sahara desert...But can I complain? No.
But there is another thing what bothers me in the Smoking Industry of Turkey: you don't find good lighters. You can buy them cheap; 1 YTL. But the life of a lighter is not predictable ...sometimes 4 days, sometimes 4 weeks...Exactly the Life of a smoker...


Ardent said...

Hans, that would not happen in Australia. Can not smoke in any public place - Restaurant, shopping centre, casino, reception centre, office building, etc.

Any one who smokes must take their dirty habit into the street. Also a person is fined if they throw their butts on the ground. Butts must be placed into the appropriate receptacle.

Smoking is going out of fashion.

mirdifderya said...

Hans, Friend of mine works for BAT and as he says, Turkey is the most profible market ever to get in.

Now in UAE, you can't smoke in malls or public area, its banned.

Now they are birnging harsh regulatuons for Nargile(Shisha) here as well.

Anonymous said...

Here in California, you can't even smoke in open air stadiums. Anywhere the re's a public gethering. Smoking is sooo passe. Try cocaine Hans.

Hans said...

Ardent, Derya,
If you open a company in holland you can nit smoke even if you own the building and the company.
By next year smoking is not allowed in Hotels anymore, not smkoking rooms etc.

Geert Jan Keutelaer said...

Hans used a smoke of coceine when he was a kid, LSD too...
But his brains are still alive, and kicking asses..))

Bea said...

I am in want of some clean air. I fear I may already have impaired lungs from staying here so long. Ah, the fodder to write about when we hear the loud complaints from all the Turks who can no longer smoke where they want. I can already hear the comedy.