Sunday, October 07, 2007

Day opening - October 7

Belly dancer, Turkey


Tufan said...

Its silent here..(((

sincerae said...

I don't know why most Turks I've talked to about oriental/belly dance seem to see it as just "for the tourists." They have no interest in this art form whatsoever. Sad.

Oriental/Belly dance has a small following in my little southern US town. There are at least 2 places where classes are offered regularly. Last year I went to a fundraiser for African children that featured a number of Oriental/belly dance (Indian style) performances.

mirdifderya said...

Sincerae: You can only see belly dancers in the night clubs or sometime night shows in TV for entertainment. Belly Dancers used for seducing men. All start long way back entertaining the Sultans(kings).

Its a talent to dance Belly Dancing with all belly and whole body movements which most of the Turkish women has:) (don't take me wrong)as well as Middle Eastern women. Bit like Latin American women can do Samba thats why shakira can do both as her grandparent from Latin America and Lebanon:)