Friday, September 14, 2007

I am a REDHEADED person

"Hans, since u are a christian man married to a Muslim woman, then u actually do not know what u're talking about!! this marriage is not right according to both Islamic and christian rulings, which means that u don't respect neither ur religion, nor the other's religion.Hans, do u believe in justice, and freedom ,or u're like those redheaded in turkey?!! '

I made a comment about the Muslim Brotherhood on Sondos' blog, and got this (anonymous) reply back. When I first saw it, I thought: wow, how nice. Then, I saw that this person writes Muslim with a capital and Christian without. The hate over there in Egypt against Christians (especially Copt) is obvious.
Although I think that 'Sondos' is a witty and intelligent woman, she defends the Muslim Brotherhood as they are like some kind of peacemakers. And in the meanwhile, she defends that violence against the 1948 'invaders' (read Jews) are legitimate. In my humble opinion: The Arabs invaded Jerusalem!
Sondos, I have Turkish Muslim friends who are married to Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Jews, Protestants, Bahia's, Atheists, Armenian Orthodox and Buddhists. Do you have them as well? Or are the MB and Hamas their racist ideology your only guidance?
Ever notice that a civil marriage is legal?

Sondos: Do you want to convert Julius Cesar and Shakespeare to Islam too?.....Oops, I get emotional, but insults and stupid comments like the one above are not for us, we, me.
And don't use Turkey as an example a proxy for your blood hunt against everything who is non Muslim.


Anonymous said...


Another attempt by the 'ignorant' to attack and react rather than educate and learn the fact(s).

Just because one answers they are Muslim when asked what's their religious affiliation, does not necessarily make that person a 'practicing' Muslim, at least in the eyes of some who interpret Islam in the 'perceived' way.

My understand is that in the Muslim religion, if practiced in an Orthodox manner, a man may marry outside of the religion, but a woman can't. However, when it happens, I don't believe the woman is excommunicated from the religion. It is not recommended.

As for 'Muslim' Turks marrying 'Christian' or 'Jewish' non-Turks (or Turks), I am sure they didn't marry them intentionally because they are of a different religion. I am sure in most cases they married each other because they fell in love and did so regardless of their religious affiliation.

The question is: Does the love for religion overcome the love of God who would love to see two people in love - - not go forward with their love for each other due to their love for God as they believe would be against such love for the sake of love of God?

Doesn't make sense to me!

mirdifderya said...

Metin thank you for the comment, it is a good one!

Hans I must be REDHEADED one too! I can bring 100s of us 'REDHEADED' along with me:)

kathryn merteuil said...

This is why I think it's wrong to be "born in" to a religion. It's something you should choose to believe in (or not) when you are grown up.
I have lots of friends who are children of this type of mixed marriages, and there have been argues about what religion the child should take with a not very lovely end.
But, this type of marriages who are very successful are an important symbol of the great love. The greater love above GOD. That's my opinion.

mirdifderya said...

Dear Kathryn,

Good comment!

We teach our children: Believe in GOD, be honest, and don’t say a lie or steal that's what's all about religion isn't it?

They know about Christianity and Muslim religion. They read kids bible or they learn Muslim prays in the summer from me and from their grandma. As long as they respect other religions, they can practice whatever religion they want to.

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Wise words by all of you..))