Thursday, August 02, 2007

'Schnitzel-Stephan' jailed

This is Stephan S., German's most notorious food-pirate...He will spend the next 1 1/2 years in jail. Last year already prosecuted but not convicted of eating in restaurants without paying. Since then, he did it again; precisely 64 times eating in restaurants without paying...
His life quote is: "Ick ess allet - und zahl nüscht." (I eat everything - and I pay nothing)
When he got the bill he simply walked away or used to say, while showing his wallet:
Ick hab nüscht." (I don't have anything)
I did it once, after waiting for a bill for 15 minutes. I simply walked away..)


archisugar said...

I did once too. Waited 30 minutes, called the waitress for 5 times without any success. So... Noone tried to stop me... :-)

* "Ick ess allet - und zahl nüscht.", "Ick hab nüscht." - which language is that??? Pirates speaking German???? :-P

Hans said...

German slang..))

How much do you own that restaurant..))