Monday, July 23, 2007

Showing maturity

Did I miss something? It is normal when a party wins an election the other party leaders send their congratulations to the leader of the winning party, or not? I didn't have seen such a move from neither Baykal nor Bah├želi. Showing respect for the winner? When I watched this evening a program a CHP guy simply said that the AKP didn't win the election. Maybe I can not count but 47% of the votes is a landslide victory. And, it looks like Deniz Baykal will stay. He looks like a gentleman but he doesn't behave accordingly.
Erdogan, yesterday evening, spoke words of reconciliation... thanking everybody.
Did Mr. Baykal thank his voters? No. What an arrogance. He is a shame for the Socialist Internationale.
Note: Today Deniz Baykal thanked his voters and congratulated his opponent (a little late in my opinion). But no resign or stepping back.

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