Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Made same changes on my blog:
The most important one is that Yasemin Yalcinkaya will be a co-author of this blog.
She is Turkish and speaks several foreign languages fluently: English, Norwegian, German, Italian and of course her native language Turkish. No, she doesn't speak Dutch and French, I do...but together we can be a news wire..))
For the past 17 years she is studying, living and working abroad e.g. Norway and Italy. Married to an Italian, and now living happily ever after near Florence with her husband and two children.
She has a PhD. in computer science, and can talk and write about the interesting developments in both Turkey and Europe.
Hey, what do you want more: a really inter cultural multi-lingual blog?!
She is looking for a job now, in Italy, Italia, Firenze preferibile, signori, but she feels comfortable to be my unpaid editor for the time being...help her!


Anonymous said...

Welcome, Yasemin! I am very much looking forward to your posts. And good luck finding a job!

yasemin said...

Thank you myrthe! I don't think I will be able to write as much as Hans, but I will definitely continue to be the 'hidden hand behind the scenes' ;-)

Anonymous said...

How exciting -- I enjoy this blog (found you via Erkan and Idil) and really look forward to seeing it grow. Thanks for all your great information, Hans... look forward to reading your posts, Yasemin!


Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

thanks Jessica!