Monday, July 02, 2007

Road trips, 9/11

What I miss about the USA are the road trips: driving in 5 days from downtown Miami to Kansas City for a wedding, and back.
September 2001. Wedding was on Saturday, September the 8th, so we left by car on September the 6th on Thursday, and arrived on the 7th after a 24 hrs. drive on Friday there. Exactly in 24 hrs: 1800 miles.
The weekend there, and some rest. Nice wedding.
On the 10th of September, Monday back. This time we decided to have a break in Atlanta.
We made it, in 12 hrs. Found ourselves a good hotel, and the next day on our way back to the South and the heath. Since Maria worked for CNN for 8 years we planned to visit friends at CNN. But we were late.
We drove our car on the road, turned the radio on, and..that was 9.18 it... 9/11.
The road from Atlanta to Miami was empty, 1.100 miles...we made it for the 8PM news.
I shall never forget that day. What a madness.
And it still lingers on.

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