Friday, December 14, 2007

Turkey and the EU

It became clear the last weeks that the Turkey will never be an EU member.
The hopes were high until last year, but its obvious that the Turkish government stalled the reform process which makes it necessary for each aspirant member to fulfill its obligations. No excuses anymore. So simple is that. In the meanwhile, the EU moves on.
While some Turkish columnists believe that Turkey is the only country which is left out by the EU, they forget that Israel and Morocco where immediately rejected by the same council. And it shows how badly the Turkish public is informed about the EU process. Not the EU but the current Turkish government are using the EU as a carrot.
Its for me simple: deeply in their heart both sides don't want to go further, but for the sake of promises which were made long time ago, they keep on talking.
I remember ten years ago a discussion, in the Netherlands. People don't want that 'Turkish generals have a say' in EU politics. They have a say in the NATO.
If I see how careless they still deal with this for Europeans sensitivity issue, its the best to opt out and look for another option. Together with so many issues, it really doesn't make sense to talk further. Turkey has to become a democracy first, a real one. No place for radical Kemalism, and or radical Islamism.


Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Btw, this is my last say about Turkey and the Eu..))

Tufan said...

You make a stance!
Maybe you are right, maybe not.

Gunther said...

I was a strong supporter of the Turkey in the EU.
I am know against!
Why? Live in Turkey for several years, and you will know why.

Sean Jeating said...

Well roared, lion! :)
I'd still like Turkey joinging the EU; the enourmous richness of mental poverty on both sides is strongly backing your prognose, though.
On the other hand: Prognoses are not easy, especially those concerning the future. :)

Valerie said...

It sounds strange, but for the last couple of years it loked like Turkey was setting up the agenda for EU negotations.
And what have they done? Dream is over...or nightmare..))

mirdifderya said...

I always though we never will be joining into EU.

Too big, too muslim, bad Neighbors, too far, too populated, not democratic enough.

By the way Hans Radical Kemalism says: go west not east:) nothing wrong belong to kemalism:)

Lets keep it between, we belong nowhere!

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Many bravo's here, probably from outside Turkey..))
Sean, not only mental poverty on both sides, but lack of communication as well..))
Derya, I want to add Turkish stubborness too..)))
I read today around 7 columnists who all were saying: its our own fault..))

Anonymous said...