Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shock blogs

There is a new trend on the web, which concerns me: shock blogs. With one goal: How to create a web blog which provides maximum shock value such as "psychological warfare" or inciting hate. In the last weeks there was such a warfare going on between Kurdish and Turkish nationalists in Germany. Or can we say: between PKK supporters and Gray Wolves members. Mainly on YouTube, but new radical blogs are made every day.
The Turkish press are willing to show one side of this dangerous game: the PKK are terrorists and no word about the Gray Wolves which are pur sang fascists.
Maybe of greater concern are the huge flock of 'followers' of the weblogs that engage in the slandering, insulting and otherwise non-constructive postings. As long the 'shock' and the 'reaction' is there the blogger is satisfied. Maybe we can say: the Net is Dead. Even Social media sites such as facebook, turns out to be a place where like minded idiotry are assembled in special groups.

Some blogs are created for the ego of the blogger. Not for social interaction anymore. You can bring news by telling 50% of the truth. But as an old Jewish expression says: part of the truth is one big lye. Most of these blogs are the the same old linkdumping, insulting or negative posting blogs which wants to shock. The Top-Ten is here. But personal, I can mention some (mainly political ones) here. Later!


Geert Jan Keutelaer said...

hans, do you know the shock blogs ' and infamous.

Tufan said...

Not only on blogs, but everywhere here in the USA are a badly need for attention. And not on a healthy way.
What to do?

Sincerae (means "Morningstar") said...

Maybe it would be better if people just went back to the old days of personal diaries and journaling. The writing in those areas were usually better, and we all know of many masterpieces of journaling and diary kept throughout history.

I keep my blogs as exercise in writing. I am not looking for friends, conrades, or attention there especially if it has to be some fat, annoying, single, middle aged guy with the mind of an adolescent, but who thinks he's a lady's man (only in his dreams) with nothing better to do but cruise blogs to look up potential female victims. How annoying.

Anonymous said...

You probably know that the nationalist right isn't all that educated. Publicizing them won't make them any wiser. It's a tough nut, all right.