Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A big mystery (from wikipedia)

Dr. Fuat Deniz (24 July 1967 – 13 December 2007) was a Swedish sociologist and writer of Assyrian descent.
He worked as a lecturer in sociology at the Department of Social and Political Sciences at Örebro University.
Deniz was born as the oldest son into a Christian Assyrian family in the village of Kerburan in the Tur Abdin region of south east Turkey. He came to Sweden with his parents as an eight-year old and grew up in Örebro.[1]
In his youth he was active in the Assyrian Youth Federation in Sweden, which he also co-founded, and was also a diligent writer for the Swedish National Assyrian Federation's magazine Hujådå.[2] He finished his doctoral thesis in sociology at Uppsala University in 1999.
In his thesis, titled En minoritets odyssé ("The Odyssey of a Minority"), he discussed the experiences of Assyrians coming to Sweden in the 1970s.
Deniz was a well known figure among the Assyrian community in Sweden and was also internationally known for his research on the Assyrian Genocide.

On 11 December 2007, at approximately 15.30 CET, Deniz was stabbed on campus at Örebro University by an unidentified perpetrator.[3] He later died from his injuries at Örebro University Hospital.[4] The Swedish police are investigating several leads and have also been in contact with the Swedish Security Service, due to a possible political motive behind the murder.[5] Several of Deniz' academic colleagues in Sweden have been threatened due to their work relating to the Assyrian Genocide and Armenian genocide, which is a controversial issue especially among Turkish nationalists.[6]


Mert said...

I hope that this is another political murder

mirdifderya said...

wow, condolences to his family:( It is really sad, this kind of killings still happens:(

hawar said...

The way he is killed (stabbed from the back of the neck) signals that the murderer is either an Assyrian or Kurdish. This is a common way of honor killing in particular groups.