Monday, December 24, 2007


We had some lovely days in Dubai, the capital of the UAE.
We left last Wednesday and came back early this morning.

While writing this, Turkish television is broadcasting some propaganda, in the same 'body language' as Goebbels did for the Third Reich: the same style, the same voice, the same features: by Halk Television.
People can inspire a nation, like Mandela, Gandhi, Kennedy, but none of them were subject of blind adoration, with military bombards as Ataturk is seen in Turkey.
What does this means:
a) a nation can not act on its own without a strong leader or
b) a nation doesn't want to learn from its past.

Christmas is not a Christian holiday as Frank White explains. Its the day of light and self reflection. Thousands of Christmas trees will not change anything in the streets of Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara etc.

The propogandists are still out there. We? We can only wait. Wait that one day they can not enslave our thoughts again.


Gunther said...

Only the mis feeling is enough.
Stop the EU talks.
They are not civilizated!
They want a priviligezed EU membership.
And what did they done?

super hero said...

so we have another racist. thank you for being so honest, gunther.

well hans, i dont know what you have seen, but i am sure you are quite aware of the fact that you cant blame the whole nation for everything you see on tv. especially not for a channel which most people dont even know it exists. honestly, i had no idea we had a tv channel with that name.

and if you convince me that, thats the case, shall we talk about the propaganda we see on european media, huh gunther?

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Dear SH, we could delete Gunther his comments easily. But if we ignore these comments, their power will grown. Now it looks stupid.
About Halk. I was astonished to see this and its free on the cable.
That's my point: as long as you can watch these filthy propaganda shootages, a nation will be informed on a nasty way.

mirdifderya said...

Hans Dubai isn't capital city, Abu Dhabi is.:)

Hans A.H.C. de Wit said...

Derya, same situation as in Turkey where the most important city is not the capital: Istanbul..))